How to Write a Winning Nature vs Nurture Essay

While writing essays can be a fascinating idea to some students, it can seem a complex process to other students. However, the type and nature of the essay play a significant role in boosting the morale of the student in researching and gathering facts. So, some students enjoy a debate-like essay while others enjoy researching an investigative essay. Nature vs nurture essay, for instance, is among the challenging essays to write about, especially when there is no clear explanation and a sample given for students to relate to what the tutor wants.

What is Nature vs Nurture essay?

Before determining the best ideas and approaches students can implement to craft a nature vs nurture argumentative essay, let’s understand first what such an essay entails and what it is all about.

Talking about the nature vs nurture debate essay, you may be wondering, what does nature vs nurture mean? Well, this is a common college essay where the ideologies revolve around history, environmental sciences, sociology, education, healthcare, and philosophy, among many other subjects. Once a student has a topic, they need to choose the side, research and argue out their perspectives with strong points supporting the sides they choose.

The Structure of Nature vs Nurture argumentative essay

While picking a side and arguing the relevant point on nature vs nurture essay is crucial, bringing out a well-structured paper with a distinguished section is similarly significant. So, like any other essay, this essay type should have a clear structure as outlined below:

The Introduction

You must know how to start a nature vs nurture essay, the wordings to use, and how you can hook the reader to your paper through the intro section. You can opt to begin this essay using different approaches like posing a rhetorical question, quoting a quote from a famous person, or stating statistics or a fact. Such approaches will introduce and hook the reader to your paper. Besides, they will also help you craft a strong thesis for your paper.

Note: avoid stating your arguments or the side you will pick in the introduction section.

Main Body

Unlike other essay types, when writing the paragraphs of the main body in this essay, always begin with a topic sentence, then give general information followed by your opinions on the subject matter.

Like all other essays, every point you give should have supporting evidence to back up your claims.

The Conclusion

Of course, every academic paper should have a concluding section. However, you must as well understand how to conclude a nature vs nurture essay to keep your reader updated on the progress of your essay. With a nature vs nurture essay, the best trick is to sum up, all the relevant points you have included in the entire paper in a summarized manner. You can as well inspire the reader to conduct more research on the subject or make a call to action.

Writing a Nature vs Nurture essay: pro tips

  1. Work in a team

This essay calls for debating and hearing opinions from the research or from other people. Should your institute or professor give you a chance to work in teams, it can be a perfect team to bring out the best essay ever. Everyone will have ideas and opinions, making the subject matter enjoyable.

  1. Use sources along with personal opinion

While researching and getting information is crucial as you write this essay type, adding a touch of your opinion and views spices up the essay, making it worth reading.

  1. Reference scientific articles

The nature vs nurture essay calls for scientific research and citation. While citing your work, take note of plagiarism and use relevant sources according to the topic you are handling. Don’t use other people’s ideas in your essay.


Although writing a nature vs nurture essay can seem a complex task, putting into practice useful tips and having the right approach is the secret to crafting the best essay ever.

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