25 Best Health Essay Topics to Write About & How to Find Them

While the medical and healthcare field is really broad, students specializing in the field can find it tough when they have to choose healthcare essay topics. Since writing such essays is part of the curriculum and no student can evade the idea, learning different topics and approaches when writing an essay about health is a crucial step. As a student in the healthcare field or aspiring to join the healthcare field, keep reading to equip yourself with knowledge on how you will tackle such essays when the time arrives.

Health essay basics: what is health essay?

When the body is fully functional without any issues, it is said to be in a healthy status. However, as technology and time change, the general meaning of health also changes. So, keeping a healthy life is the first element of the general meaning of health, then all other elements follow.  

However, having good health depends on many other factors such as our eating habits, the air we breathe, and the company of people we keep around us. So, when tasked with a healthcare essay, you must understand the nature of the topic, where it falls, and what the reader or the teacher expects from you. For instance, the question can be about physical health or mental health. How will you determine a good title for mental health essay? Or how will you choose good essay topics about health in general? Let’s discuss this below.

How to choose good health topics to write about

At times, the teacher can give you an already defined health topic essay, while in some instances, you are given the mandate to select your preferred topic. So, should you have the freedom to choose your topic essay on healthcare? Use the approaches below to get a perfect and researchable topic.

  • Understand the required length for your paper

When tasked with essay writing, there are requirements students must follow. Check the specified number of pages or words. A few pages or word count means you don’t have to dig deep into the research and that your topic doesn’t necessarily need to give you a lot of information. You can then pick a simple topic to gather strong ideas that will reach the required limit. However, if the essay requires you to include many pages, then go for a wider topic that will give you a wide range of ideas and information.

  • Choose a topic you love

When given the freedom to pick any topic, you don’t want to go for a boring topic that will lower your morale in handling the task. Instead, choose a topic you love and a topic that will motivate you to research and get more information.

  • Choose a researchable topic

A researchable topic means a topic that can give you a wide range of sources to get information. Some topics can be a bit complex, and you might end up finding fewer resources to finish your research. This is especially significant to ensuring you attain the required length for the whole paper.

25 Best health topics to write about

Should you get stuck when researching health essay topics, you can check the examples below and determine your ideal topic to write about.

Best health topics to write about

  1. Do you think a vegan diet is a healthy diet?
  2. Women and heart attacks: What are the symptoms?
  3. The role of doctors in promoting healthy lifestyles.
  4. What is the psychological impact of breast cancer?
  5. What strategies should people put in place to keep a healthy body weight?
  6. Do you think organ donation after death is of any significance?
  7. What are the pros and pitfalls of clinical trials?

Good essay topics about health

  1. What are the best ways of treating and handling depression?
  2. Obesity and fast-food consumption
  3. Do you think nutrition education is significant in promoting healthy lifestyles?
  4. Cancer treatment: Is stem cell effective?
  5. Explain the role of sports in promoting a healthy lifestyle
  6. Surrogate pregnancy: Legal and ethical issues

Interesting health essay topics

  1. Do you think adults and seniors require vaccines?
  2. E-technology: Advantages and challenges
  3. How to prevent heat-related deaths
  4. How to control the suicidal rising rates
  5. Best approaches for preventing chronic illness
  6. What is your understanding of healthy housing standards?

Mental health essay topics

  1. Is stress a risk factor for mental disorders?
  2. The impact of anxiety on a healthy lifestyle
  3. What is the relationship between mood and exercise?
  4. Homeless people and mental problems
  5. Loneliness and social isolation’s negative impacts on mental health
  6. Psychiatric Disorders and alcohol addiction relationship


A healthcare section is a large unit. When given an essay, always prepare adequately before you begin the research process.

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