“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy”

- Pyotr Tchaikovsky

How to Structure an Essay Outline: Pointers for Beginners

While advancing education levels, students must be geared to write different essays as one of the requirements to move to the next education level or to graduate. While writing such essays, students need to create an argument or develop an idea through interpretation, analysis, or evidence and bring out a meaningful context after doing the research.

Based on the field of interest, a student might have to write different essay types in terms of length, level of education, and the institutes or the professor’s requirements. Nonetheless, most of the essays are almost the same, and that is why this article features an essay writing structure and how a student can approach the whole concept to bring out a meaningful essay.

The basic structure of an essay: what is structure in an essay?

Of course, any academic piece of writing must be presentable. That is why an essay should have a clear structure. So, a structure of a good essay is a simplified version and how the reader sees the paper. It has different sections, with each section defining what the context is all about. For instance, the reader can distinguish between the introduction, the main body with different paragraphs, and the conclusion part. So, what does it take to write a perfect essay outline structure? Let’s keep learning below.

Before you determine how to structure an essay in preparation for writing the final essay, three essential phases are involved, including:

  1. The preparation phase – here, you determine the topic, conduct some research, then make an essay outline.
  2. The writing phase – at this point, you have all your facts right and all the content and materials you need to use in your paper. This is a section where you simply focus on writing without minding the errors or related mistakes. Be sure to structure the paper from the introduction up to the conclusion part.
  3. Revision phase – this is the final phase in writing and presenting your essay in a perfect structure. Ensure you check any possible errors, relevant content, spelling mistakes, and the general formatting of the paper.

Structure in writing an essay: best pointers for beginners

As a beginner in crafting an essay, it can be a bit complex process, especially when determining the structure of writing an essay since there are different essay structure types. However, this shouldn’t be an issue. Make sure you, first of all, understand the different types of essays to determine the appropriate structure and the appropriate wordings to use. In any case, the following tips will be quite effective in ensuring you, as a beginner, master the art of writing the structure of a good essay.

  • Understand the requirements

Before you bring out a well-structured essay, the first initiative is to read the instructions and understand all the requirements. For instance, what is the essay type? How long should the essay be? This move will give you the limelight on how to begin everything.

  • Do some research

Now, you know what the essay is all about; you understand the topic and all you need to do. So, start gathering the sources based on the topic you will use in your paper.

  • Brainstorm

This step is significant as it gives you room to figure out how you will plan your ideas and bring them into a meaningful essay.

  • Create a thesis

 Of course, each essay requires a strong thesis that supports the main topic. This is a crucial statement since every idea you include in the essay should support the thesis statement.

  • Write an outline

 Here, you have all that you need for your essay. However, you don’t start writing the final paper right away. You need to create an outline to give you a clear structure of what your essay will look like.

  • Write the first draft

You have an outline at this point, and you can then write the first draft of your essay as you follow the outline.

  • Revise as you correct errors

Finally, after writing your essay, ensure you go through it all as you polish it to ensure you submit a desirable paper.


Are you a beginner in essay writing? Well, don’t struggle to create a good essay structure. Use the above tips as your starting point.